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Brawl Update: Four Kinds of Control

In an update that is the most important one so far, though it’s devoid of any real details, Sakurai made the big reveal: the control options.

And thus, the wild speculation of which controllers we’ll use comes to an end. And a new wave of speculation (“How will we use just the Wiimote?”) begins. The best part? There’s bound to be one control scheme in there you can enjoy. Some players are going to love the more visceral feel of the Wii’s motion controls, others will stick with the tried and true Gamecube. I see myself sticking with the GCN, but who knows? Maybe’ll I’ll enjoy the Wii controls, too.

All I care about is that different controls will be interchangeable–in other words, I can use the GCN controller while my friend uses a Wiimote/Nunchuk and my girlfriend uses just a Wiimote. And come to think of it, maybe my girlfriend will be able to play with just a Wiimote better than with a GCN–her main complaint seemed to be that there were so many buttons, after all…

This could bring in a bunch of new players if implemented right. As long as players can each use their own control style individually, all should be well. If not, however…Then there could be problems…Technically, it shouldn’t be an issue as far as classic/wiimote/nunchuk is concerned…It’s when you bring in the GCN that things could get mixed up…Which could be bad since it’s probably going to be the most used type.

Still, this is great news–let’s just cross out fingers and hope it’s implemented well. Now, the only big piece of technical news left is online functionality. In time, all of the details on controls and online should fall into place.


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