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Halo 3 Beta + H4xx0r2!!1!

So the Halo 3 beta has been “hacked” per say–it may be better to say that a glitch was found. I’m not entirely sure what happened, precisely, but what I do know is that participants in the beta have gotten access to things Bungie did not intend for us to know quite yet–new vehicles, weapons, that sort of thing.

This has got my brain churning about things possible in this generation that couldn’t happen before in console gaming. Say what you will about graphics, but I believe that hard drives and the internet are what’s really changing. People can purchase downloadable games, movies, demos, and now even betas of upcoming games onto their systems. The concept of playing a beta of Super Smash Bros. Brawl  weirds me out, and yet this is what’s been happening for Halo fans. I personally don’t think Bungie is all that upset, or else they would’ve created a mandatory patch that disables these features–then again, their attitude may be, “Ah, well, too late now,” and they’re ticked off about it. I probably would be, but then again, this doesn’t surprise me. Nerds will do whatever they can, right?

Anyway, the point is, gaming really is changing, but it’s not due to the graphics or processing power so much as the potential that hard drives (which allow for downloadable games, demos, extra content, etc.), the internet (which allows for online play, community building, and content sharing) and software designed for casual gamers. Times really are changing, for the better I say, and it’s all because video games are such a unique and flexible form of media.


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