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Review Awards

I got some inspiration from The Wiire and decided that for future reviews, not only will I be using the 5-Star system, I will also be giving out awards for games that illustrate certain qualities. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to use these on our news site, but I will certainly use them here. Maybe I’ll go back and edit some reviews by throwing them in there…


Ocarina of Time – Superb Soundtrack

This game has a memorable and quality soundtrack worth listening to in and of itself–one you will remember for a long time. Or, at the least, its sound effects are something rather noteworthy.

Golden Mushroom – Outstanding Visuals

This award is as shiny as the graphics of the games it’s awarded to–whether through art style or raw graphical power, this game looks good compared to others on its platform.

Blue Shell – Fun Multiplayer

The explosive Blue Shell illustrates the crazy fun of a good multiplayer experience.

? Block – Innovation

The [?] rewards a game with fresh ideas and gameplay concepts that push new boundaries and take risks with new ideas to great effect.

Heart Container – Infinite Replay

This award recognizes a game that has a lot of life in it, meaning you’ll keep coming back to it time and time again.

Yoshi Egg – Intuitive Control/Gameplay

The Yoshi Egg symbolizes a game with sharp and intuitive controls and/or easy-to-learn gameplay. It’s a game that non-gamers can hop into.

Super Happy Tree – Fun for the Family

This award congratulates a game that will become a family favorite with its simple, inviting, and fun gameplay.

Shine Sprite – Awesome Online Functionality

The Shine Sprite acknowledges a game with great online functionality, be it co-op, competitive, or sharing of some sort.

Bullet Bill – Hardcore Difficulty

This award marks a game with a brutal difficulty that only seasoned gamers can hope to overcome.

Rupee – Deep Gameplay/Value

The Rupee Award demonstrates that a game has immersive, complex and rewarding gameplay. This title will take you a while to complete, and has a lot of extras to find or do. Packed with content like a wallet full of Rupees, you’ll get a lot of value out of this one.


The Master Sword – Steep Learning Curve


The Master Sword is a powerful tool that can only be wielded by a mighty hero. This is given to a game that has a sharp learning curve but is worth the time and effort to learn it. It may be a long a difficult battle to master this game, but do so, and you will feel a great sense of reward.

Fireball – Excellent Writing


A game that has dedicated localization/writing put into it, especially a good story, will earn this rare award, symbolizing the flaming passion to craft a well-made story.

Smash Ball – Sharp Gameplay

This game has sharp, fun gameplay. It’s refined and polished to the core, complete with nuances, depth, and tight control. This award is given to games that show what quality gameplay is when it’s refined and evolved to near perfection. Solid mechanics, inventive level design, intelligent, AI, senseof reward…all the elements that make a game a truly joyful experience to play–it has it.

Triforce – Editor’s Choice

This award is given to only a few games–ones truly worth playing because they are excellent titles on many levels.

Stars – Score

These represent the overall rating assigned to a game on a scale from 1-5 in halves.

For example, a 2.5/5:

And a 5/5:

Virtual Console:

Buy It!

Maybe Buy It

Don’t Buy It!


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  1. I don’t know what’s up with these…”Ping back?”

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