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My Life as a Gamer – Part 1

I just thought I’d give you guys reading this who don’t know me a visual taste of my life. Here’s a collage of photos concerning my life as a gamer. Bear in mind that these were all taken in 2006, so there’s some updating to be done.


My girlfriend playing Mario Kart DS (back when her hair was bleached)




My Mario figure, one of the centerpieces to my figure collection.



Charmander, Yoda, and Mewtwo–the ultimate trio.



I was in the mood for a nerdy “cool” pose. It’s inspired by Lloyd Irving (ToS). And yes, that’s a Naruto headband.



An old-skool Mario doll my mother made for me. Best present ever.



They don’t call it a DS Lite for nothing.



Power Ranger Sword + Jack Sparrow hat + Naruto Headband FTW!



A special collectible I got for preordering RE4.



My Game Over T-shirt.



Megaman wouldn’t lie, would he?



My coolest gaming shirt.



Old skool Pokemon poster.



My girlfriend and best friend playing some Donkey Konga.



My wall of awesome part 1.



Wall of awesome part 2.



Wall of awesome part 3.



Wall of awesome part 4.



Wall of awesome part 5.

I’ll have to make an updated version sometime…


But in the end, she’s more important than all of the rest.

5 Responses to “My Life as a Gamer – Part 1”

  1. Dude, you’re hardcore.

    I’m impressed a nerd of your magnitude even has a girlfriend, much less a cute one.

    Nice work, my friend.

  2. PS: Beard = gone.
    Yea, that was her decision. 😉

  3. man, my life seems so inferior now. I need a wall of awesome…*sniffle*

  4. Dude, That RE4 poster is awesome. Those walls are awesome.. my wall just has spiderman and Zelda TP poster :(. I’m soo jealous.

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