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Brawl Update: Poké Balls + Groudon

While we were sure that this favorite item would return, we got confirmation today. We also found out that Chikorita and Goldeen will be returning, and Groudon (the legendary Pokemon from Ruby) will be making an appearance.

Nothing remarkable to say about the matter at the moment…

Keeping up with “Murphy’s Law.”

Sakurai also showed off Groudon, a huge Pokemon who, from the looks of it, is so big that all he has to do is stand around and light anyone who touches him on fire.

Something of note here is that we get a better look at the redesigned Pokémon Stadium arena. It looks like a visually upgraded version of the stage from Melee–but what changes are there? I would guess that there are more alternate versions of the level to add onto what Melee started.


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