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Gamed With the Girlfriend

This past weekend was a rather busy one as my girlfriend and I tried to squeeze time into doing everything we could before we were separated for the summer. We did a number of things, but the ones ot note on this blog would be those connected to video games.

For starters, I actually know how to play Mine Sweeper now. I’m still rather “bleh” at it, but I’ve played it a few times and it’s nice to actually be able to play it.

Guitar Hero 2 was also on the agenda, which we spent a decent amount of time playing. Theresa really enjoyed that because she could play Easy as I played on Hard, and it was easy for her to pick up on it and start improving immediately.

We sat and played some Smash Bros. Melee–for about two hours! Our training session entailed all of the main moves in Smash Bros.: offensive, defensive, aerial, ground…She kept asking “how badly she sucked,” which is a very unfair question because she doesn’t play games like that at all. Of course she’s not as good as me and my friends, but DUH, I don’t expect her to.

Her favorite character.

The point is, we had some fun for a couple hours, she learned most of what she will need to know to play the game, and she realized, “I can do this if I practice.” Giving her confidence is what really mattered in this situation–if a person believes they can’t play a game, they never will.

Down the road, when we can actually play again, we’ll have to play some matches and then play with handicaps on. I’ve come to realize that with handicaps on, she could kick my can even if I come at her with no mercy. I haven’t tried this out first hand with her, but I do know it would happen. So there’s an option–team matches being another.

So, all in all, it was a good weekend and I think she learned a few things–namely, that if she actually wants to, she can play console games.

I got my girlfriend to sit and learn how to play Super Smash Bros. Melee.

And she enjoyed it.


“Oh, come on, admit it–it’s hot to see me playing Smash Bros…” 


*sigh* Yes, Babe. It was hott.


2 Responses to “Gamed With the Girlfriend”

  1. Success!

    And playing with your handicap on would help you also. It would build her confidence and level the playing field, and it would force you to up your playing level also. Everybody wins.

    I am glad she is learning to work through those first game frustrations. That is when the gaming gets much more rewarding!

    And Mine Sweeper is actually pretty fun.

  2. Bravo! Hope this is the start of many more guy + girl gaming sessions!

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