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Brawl Update: Yoshi’s Story: Ending Music

After a crazy week of mad updates, Sakurai starts us off with a soft post featuring a 50-second clip from the ending song to Yoshi’s Story, which will presumably be background music to a stage. I actually rather liked this song back in the day, it’s one of the few songs I’ve heard in a game that, for some reason or another, made me shed a tear just by its music–which, apparently, Sakurai thinks is fitting, according to what he says. The remix is sounding pretty cool and upbeat, emphasizing the tropical theme. This probably means that another Yoshi’s Story stage is in the works–I really hope this isn’t the music for the Yoshi’s Island stage we’ve seen. That ones needs music from the proper game, in my opinion. It’s good to see them using a different song from that game, at least.
Either way, it’s just further proof that the soundtrack to this game is going to be varied and well-made. Melee had a reknowned soundtrack, and chances are that Brawl will, as well.

Also of note is the fact that the guy who arranged this piece (not the original composer) is the same guy who did the music for Killer7 and God Hand, two unusual titles produced by Capcom over the past few years. I haven’t played either game, but I can say that I like the guy’s style based on this arrangement–especially how he remixes in snippets of other songs from the game. I look forward to hearing the full version as I kick the crap out of my enemies.

Edit: Notice how you still can’t understand what the baby Yoshies are supposed to be singing! I always was fond of “The end of…” since that actually makes sense. Ya know…when you realize they don’t finish their sentence…


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