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Brawl Update: Delfino Plaza

To top off the week, Sakurai showed us something completely new: the Isle Delfino stage.

This stage looks to be a very faithful recreation of the locale from Super Mario Sunshine. Players will ride a platform over the city, seeing the beautiful sites as they beat the crap out of each other.

Periodically, this platform will land at select spots of the town so you can duke it out on land–it sounds similar to the F-Zero stage from the last Smash Bros. title, but with more scenery changes–and hopefully more creative interactive elements.

I keep saying it, and I shall say it again: every new bit we learn (though this is a much larger bit than most) keeps me interested and intrigued. Out of 5 days this week, we learned brand new info in 4 of them, with the other 1 being new details on stuff we vaguely knew about. Quite a week, indeed.


One Response to “Brawl Update: Delfino Plaza”

  1. Looks great.
    I like how big the environments look in the game: lots of smashing space. It’s a good thing.
    Take this environment for example: it’s almost as big as your mom.

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