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Gaming With the Girlfriend.

This weekend my girlfriend is coming up to the house for a few days before we part ways for the summer.

I’ve been thinking of things we could do together to pass the time away when we’re not out doing whatever we very well may be doing with friends.

My girlfriend is what would be considered a very casual gamer. She eats up flash games and once in a while will dabble in a console game, but nothing too complex. She wants games that are challenging and yet losing seems to frustrate her. This is quite a conundrum–Wii Sports she finds not complex enough and too easy, but she’s scared to dip into many other games because they are “too complex” for her.

See, now, she loves this, but this seems complex to me…

Mario Kart is the only console game we have played together that I know she enjoys, but I believe the only reason this is because it’s Double Dash!!’s co-op mode–meaning she doesn’t lose. Frankly, I find her attitude towards losing a bit immature (no one’s perfect, but I love her, anyway) and I really wish she started taking an attitude more towards having fun and improving rather than giving up when she loses. I’ve been having a blast with Gunz lately, and I sucked at that when I started, but I stuck with it and learned how to play it better.

She likes to play as Daisy in the backseat while I play Luigi as driver.

I’m confident that she could be good enough to have fun at Smash Bros. if she genuinely wanted to. But perhaps that’s the problem–perhaps she just plain doesn’t want to. I know full-well that she’s capable of playing more “hardcore” games that she strays from, but she lets her attitude about “not being good” and “how you guys (gamers) view her” get in the way. I really want to try and break that down some because I’m sure she could enjoy some lighter games if she gave them a chance. I’d really like see her experiencing some of my favorite games the way I will watch some of her favorite movies.

Anyway, the point is, I want to be able to find games I can play with her that she will actively enjoy and I will actively enjoy. I’ve thought of some games we could play during the weekend. Guitar Hero 2 should be good because it can be challenging but it’s not too complex–she’s expressed interest in this game.

Guitar Hero can be challenging but eases you into its difficulty.

I really think she’d be able to handle Super Paper Mario, but I feel it’s too much of a time committment, which she doesn’t really have for a single game like that.

I would really like to sit her down and teach her Smash Bros. Melee, but I wonder if she would give up due to its complexity–maybe if we tackled one thing at a time? We could always play co-operatively, after all, in a team match.

I was supposed to get my review copy of Mario Party 8 this weekend, but apparently, it’s not coming quite yet. Pity, that. I think we’d have a good time with that one.

She likes to WATCH exciting games like God of War 2 and Shadow of the Colossus–which is great–but it’s not the same as playing.


She enjoys watching me punt puppies. I enjoy killing things.

Nintendo is creating games specifically designed for folks like my girlfriend. Maybe I should consider getting her a Touch Generation game for a present at some point down the road.

Hopefully this weekend will work out and we’ll reach some kind of breakthrough. In the end, I’m on a quest to find games that my girlfriend and I can play together so I can experience both loves at the same time.

I know that she completely supports my interests, I just wish she could share some of them in some way so she enjoy a part of what I enjoy.


I don’t have that scraggly on my face, but she’s still that cute. 

2 Responses to “Gaming With the Girlfriend.”

  1. Sounds like she suffers from the “new game frustrations” as I call it. Most games have it. You aren’t great starting off, everything takes a while to learn, but when you are used to excelling at the games you usually play then you start a new game and you suck, that is frustrating. I have found it takes me 1-2 hours on average to work through those frustrations before I start enjoying it. Most games are worth it though. If she doesn’t want to play a game that has a big learning curve, Guitar Hero is good, you are right. Anything that has all those different levels of difficulty. DDR is the same way. Perhaps a racing game like Forza? Fuzion Frenzy would be a good option too.

  2. Check out the new Prince of Persia, a reviewer I read said it was his favorite of the year because it allows for non-gamers to get into gaming in an atmosphere that one doesn’t necessarily lose in. Instead of starting from the beginning every time you mess up it takes you back to the last spot you jumped off of, etc. As a girlfriend of a gamer and knowing all too well the frustration of losing over and over at games that penalize you harshly for slip ups I would suggest it for you and your girlfriend!

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