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Brawl Update: The Cracker Launcher

In conjunction with yesterday’s post concerning moving while shooting, Sakurai showed us a new shooting item: The Cracker Launcher.

After grabbing this hefty item, players will be able to move and jump (as we learned yesterday) as the launcher spews explosive fireworks.

Players will be able to tilt the control stick in the direction they wish to fire, adding yet another layer of control to the item’s use.

Sakurai advises us to “be safe when playing with fireworks.”

Oh, Fox, you wily rascal…

┬áThis item isn’t as clever and original and the Gooey Bomb, but it’s definitely a fun and versatile item that I’m sure will add another batch of good times to Brawl. The item system continues to look better and better. Who in their right mind would play with items off? Losers who aren’t interested in having fun, that’s who.


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