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Brawl Update: Run and Gun

A new technique was revealed today–the ability to move while shooting a weapon.

Sakurai told us that items “like the Super Scope” are back (thus confirming the Super Scope), but now, we can run and even jump while firing them.

This adds an entirely new level of strategy to item usage–Super Scopes just became a lot more deadly. I’m wondering if this will also apply to Fire Flowers, Lazer Guns, and the like? I’m assuming it shall, according to his comments.

(That shot makes it look like a sunset in the background…)

Again, I have to say that I’m pleased that Sakurai and the team are expanding the Smash Bros. formula directly by adding new gameplay mechanics on top of everything else you’d expect from a sequel. Brawl continues to be shaping up to be quite the game. This new technique will add some new twists to matches, making firing weapons more of a threat than just a distraction.


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