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The “Best Year Ever?”

Last fall was the season of introducing us to the “next-gen” of gaming, and now that we’re in the “now-gen,” this entire fall season looks to be pulling out all of the stops. While we’ve seen some great games this spring, fall is going to be completely crazy for any gamer.

Assuming that all of these continuations of popular series come out this fall (as it looks like they shall) it’s going to be pretty damned psychotic for folks to make time (and money) to play them all–not to mention all of the original titles looking to ship soon.

However, I think that aside from these big guns, many developers will wait to ship games until next year because they know they’ll get creamed and shoved out of the way by these smash hits. All three fronts have at least one game to “worry” about, so they’d best dodge around it.  Statistics show that games make almost all of their sales in the first weeks they’re out. After about 2 or 3 months, you’ve squeezed about all you can get out of a game–most of the time.

It’s casual software like Brain Age that has been breaking this trend, though.

I wonder what will be the hit “casual games” of the year?

Furthermore, I do wonder just how each of these anticipated hits will do in the end. It’s gonna be one hell of a fall/winter season.


One Response to “The “Best Year Ever?””

  1. Not to mention extremely expensive X(

    I’m really looking forward to Metroid Prime Corruption. I must clear off my plate so that I’ll have time to focus on it… So little time.

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