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Brawl Update: The Mario Finale

After filling in the details on the Smash Ball, Sakurai also showed us Mario’s Final Smash, the “Mario Finale,” being the big maelstrom of flames we saw in the E3 ’06 trailer a year ago.

From the looks of it, you’ll be able to see visual differences in a character who is ready to perform their Final Smash–in Mario, it looks like he’s going to have glowing eyes and a fiery light emanating form his body. When his attack is unleashed, it’s a massive storm of fire that travels horizontally, but spreads vertically as it travels.  Sakurai suggests using it while slightly midair on the left or right side of an arena.

Oh, how do I do look forward to using these moves…


2 Responses to “Brawl Update: The Mario Finale”

  1. i think this game looks awsome it was meant to come out a year ago so i have bee waiting ages for this gasme which i am exspecting to be realy quite awsome

  2. This game looks really cool! Man, I am SO getting this for my birthday.

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