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Wii Online: Will it Work?

I just wanted to post a blurb on the Wii’s online play functionality. A lot of people have been having doubts on it for multiple reasons–lag, friend codes, voice chat, etc…

As far as Nintendo’s online strength, they know full well what they’re doing if the DS is any indication–the new Pokemon titles utilize the WiFi connection is every way, even voice chatting.

As far as the Wii, hopes for Smash Bros. Brawl’s online play have been relieved a bit by looking at Mario Strikers Charged.  The game is quick and speedy with four players at a time, and reports have been saying that it’s been running with little to no lag at all. This is fantastic news for the hopes of the WiFi Connection on the Wii.

I personally want to see games like Brawl have Friend Codes as an option, not a requirement. Charged seems to be following this, near as I understand.  It even has some leaderboards of some kind, if I’m remembering correctly.  How well-endowed Brawl’s online will be is yet to be seen.

Melee blew us away with its myriad of modes and things to uncover, and I have no doubt that Brawl will step up to that challenge.


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