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Brawl Update: Pit’s Special Moves

Today, Sakurai clued us in on two of Pit’s special moves…

<Normal B Move: Palutena’s Arrow>

Pit draws back his bow and lets his arrows of light fly. They travel very fast, and players can control their trajectory so it curves up or down, but must do so quickly as the arrows whip through the air at light speed.

<Up B Move: Wings of Icarus>

The Wings of Icarus allow Pit to fly freely, allowing him to make it back to solid ground. Of course, true to the name of the move, Pit can only fly for a certain period of time.

It’s nice to see that we’ll be getting a preview of the abilities the newcomers will be using. Pit is shaping up to be a cool newcomer to the Smash Bros. arena–he looks to be all about quick attacks and aerial mobility.


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