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Brawl Update: Pit

Today, Sakurai reacquainted us with Pit, the protagonist of the cult classic Kid Icarus. The star in a single NES game and a sequel that appeared on the old Game Boy, Nintendo hasn’t thrown Pit into another video game since–but the fans clamored for him, and Sakurai listened. Reinventing his character design and bringing it into 3D for the first time all in one go has resulted in what looks like a stylish and original addition to the Brawl roster.

Pit’s bow, the Sacred Bow of Palutena, is a dual-purpose weapon: it can fire arrows, but in a creative twist on the Brawl team’s part, it can also split into two daggers for quick slicing and dicing. Based on footage we’ve seen thus far, it also seems Pit, using his wings, will be able to make multiple air jumps–a handy skill that, up until now, has only been possessed by Kirby and Jigglypuff. Sakurai also stated that Pit’s bow shoots out arrows made of light, the trajectory of which can be curved up or down by the player. If you watched the original E3 ’06 trailer (which introduced Brawl), you may remember Pit shooting an arrow at Meta Knight and watching it curve through the air.

Observation of this screenshot reveals what appears to be the purpose of Pit’s golden bracelets: to create the light arrows.

Pit will surely be a hit with the fans–I’m not a Kid Icarus fan, particularly, but I look forward to using the new character and seeing what crafty moves he has up his sleeves. I really like the dagger/bow combo, too.

What other newcomers sit in the shadows, waiting to be revealed–aside from the ones we already know about? It will probably be some time before we know.


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