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Mario Strikers Charged Art — It’s “Kickin’!”


Check it out, it’s some hot stuff!

I’d post it here, but the images are too large to fit into the blog, and I really don’t feel like resizing and uploading every single one, so make sure to click the pic above to see them all.



4 Responses to “Mario Strikers Charged Art — It’s “Kickin’!””

  1. it is totally sweet. do you have hi-res mario strikers pix?

  2. Ya know, I did…^_^;
    That pic used to go to a link of AWESOME art, but now I can’t seem to find it…Shame, too.

    I haven’t played this game since I officially bought it, ironically…But I WILL…

  3. too bad about the pics.

    i played it for a little while, the hammer bros seem like an unfair backup guy since theyre move is to knock the goalie down and score, but it seemed like it would be more fun the more human players you got in the game.

    i havent tried it online yet but my hopes are pretty high for that right now.

  4. i didn’t like this game that much… the art is sweet as hell, but the game itself is lacking. The multiplayer is pretty fun, but only for an hour or so. Also, the soundtrack drives me insane… >_>

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