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Brawl Update: The Gooey Bomb

It seems that we’ve gotten a new tidbit earlier than I expected! Sakurai revealed a brand new item today, and an interesting one, at that.

I present to you the Gooey Bomb:

The Gooey Bomb


An explosive device enveloped in sticky goo, the Gooey Bomb could be compared to the “Sticky” Grenades of the Halo universe. When you throw them, they will stick to things–including people.

When you throw it at someone... sticks to them!


However, if the character who’s been “stuck” passes by another character, the bomb will transfer to the unlucky chap in his/her way–direct contact seems to be what does it.


Oh, snap!


I certainly wasn’t expecting a fun new tidbit of info today, but I sure won’t complain!

This is precisely why I’m psyched about this blog: getting caught by surprise.

I think this new item is a creative addition that will add its own funny moments–I’m glad the Brawl team seems to be focusing on both bringing back what was good but also injecting some originality into the project, as well. I’ll be sure to keep you posted with new updates.


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