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Further Evidence of No Media Summit “Megaton”

Anyone who’s still holding out for a “megaton” will have to hold out for E3.

From Matt Cassamassina (Wii Editor at

“I think everybody’s well aware that Nintendo held a game event in Seattle this week. I got back late, late last night and have since then been playing Mario Party 8 and My Word Coach on Wii and DS so that I can prep future coverage. We were initially embargoed on everything we saw at the event, including third party titles, but Nintendo suddenly said we could publish write-ups and media for the third party stuff, which is why it all went up yesterday. We’re still waiting to roll with the first party stuff. It’s coming soon, but don’t get your hopes up for any megatons. Online press were, very unfortunately, not allowed access to the game you all really want to know about. I cried, but it didn’t help.

On Friday, we will have some good coverage of a non-first party game that you should probably start getting excited about, if you haven’t already. So stay tuned for that.”

And here’s a piece from Kotaku:

While I can’t write about any of the first-party content that was shown during the first day of the Nintendo Media Summit, the third-party stuff is free game. Not that there was an overabundance of it, mind you, but impressions and new screens of the few titles on hand will still be flowing throughout the next two days.

For the rest of the goods, make sure you set your Kotaku checking alarm clocks for 8 AM PST this Friday. I’ll have plenty to show you starting then. However, those two high profile Nintendo titles mentioned in my previous post? You’re gonna have to wait for E3 or make do with some (now) old Metroid Prime 3: Corruption screens.

So, those who let themselves get too hyped up will be in for some disappointment this week.

As for me, I’m completely satisfied with the Brawl site thing goin’ down.


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