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Brawl Update: Mario + Link

While we know full well that Mario and Link will be in Smash Bros. Brawl, it was nice to see some new screens of the heroes in action today on the site–it’s also nice to see that double-posting may not be too much to expect from Sakurai now and again, considering he’s made 5 posts in the past 2 days.

Super Mario in all his glory

Link the Legend




Gotta say…It’s lookin’ mighty hot if you ask me. I’m obviously looking forward to all of the characters, the stages, the gameplay refinements, the potential online play, all of that…But damn, having some sweet graphical enhancements sure doesn’t hurt!

Looks like it’ll be a while until we start seeing characters we haven’t seen yet–not quite as long as I was expecting if he makes 2 posts a day, though. Go Sakurai.

I’m annoyed with all of the bitching and whining from fanboys because “OMG they got me all hyped up for nothing!”

Yea, OK, first of all: you got yourself hyped up. Yea, it was a countdown, but you should know well by now that countdowns are all about getting someone hyped, so if you let yourself get too excited, it’s your own fault.

And secondly, I think that countdown was worth it–this has potential for greatness. It’s an awesome concept–Sakurai is doing this especially for us because he knows how much we’re looking forward to it. So shut your faces and enjoy something most games don’t get: weekdaily updates on content in the game.

I’m looking forward to checking the site regularly for new info on the features of the game and, hopefully, it’s development.


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