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Sakurai Updated Brawl Site With Weekdaily Blog!

Well, if there’s going to be a Brawl “megaton” this week as far as characters or such is concerned, it hasn’t happened, and may not…

But this is way better–Sakurai is going to be updating the Brawl website every weekday with some new info! I can’t wait to see what we learn.

This is a really cool way to keep hype up for the game–periodically releasing info on new stages, characters, music, etc.

What was revealed today was the stupendous cast of music supervisors, ranging all over the gambit of game composers.

Check them out here, along with a preview of an arranged track of the main menu music from Melee. It’s sounding like some hot stuff.


Sakurai also gives us a more in-depth look at “Battlefield,” the stage we’ve seen the most of thus far.

While the level itself won’t change (the whole point of Battlefield is to be fair, symmetric, etc.), the appearance of the stage will, moving from day to night and back to dawn. It looks cool, it anything.

You can bet I’ll be frequenting this site often. It looks like Sakurai will be gradually showing us elements from the entire game: characters, stages, music, game modes, and more.

Now, then…Bring us the media summit!


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