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Nintendo Media Summit Under Embargo?

It was at about 3pm today (Eastern time) that I started realizing that no news was cropping up concerning the Nintendo Media Summit that has been happening.

Perplexed and confused, I asked TSA (The Silent Assassin, head editor of, the site I write for) what was up.

It came as no surprise that only certain press were invited to the event–TheHylia and GoNintendo excluded.

What came as a surprise to many, however, is that it seems much of the info from the media event has been placed on embargo. Until when? Who knows? Why? No clue. Rumors are abuzz that the date is Friday. I’m personally a bit disheartened as I have been bored out of my mind with no girlfriend to see, no friends to hang out with, and nothing much to do right now as I trudge through May term. This week’s Nintendo news was going to brighten my spirits, but it seems Nintendo decided to tease its fanbase for reasons I can’t understand.

Why hold an event that everyone knows is going to happen and tell everyone to withhold info until Friday? Probably because Nintendo wants to get some info out themselves, first. Still, I can’t comprehend it. The press sites are reporting that they’ll let us in on the proceedings as soon as they can.

You can bet I’ll have something to say on what goes down when the news actually hits us.

In the meanwhile, maybe I’ll write another little self-feature.

Edit: Maybe. =P I’ve been playing Super Paper Mario. Damn…such a long day do I have tomorrow…

Edit2: There’s enough sources saying the embargo ends Friday where I’ll believe it.

Guess that means I won’t get to comment on it until Saturday: Friday night = me getting to see my dearly beloved Theresa after 3 weeks apart, and we’re going to see Pirates 3.


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