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Pre-Nintendo Media Summit Predictions

Just thought I’d stick up some predictions of what will go down at the media event.

Smash Bros. Brawl demo–playable form.  If not, at least a new trailer.

We’ll definitely be getting some new info on that title at least through the site update today.

Sakurai will start up his daily blog again on the site, too.  I expect a new character reveal to kick things off.

Mario Galaxy and/or Smash Bros. Brawl will get a release date.

They’ll show something new about Galaxy. May or may not have a new playable demo.

Prime 3 will be playable. We’ll probably get a chunk of new info on that since it’s releasing so soon.

New IPs will emerge, probably some “Brain-Training” like stuff. Maybe a new “hardcore” IP will be revealed.

Let’s see how well I do.


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