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Nintendo Upcoming Game “Fun-Fact” Sheet

This is some stuff I picked up from the Nintendrone…

If this stuff is true, I’ll be an extremely happy man.

Nintendo Upcoming Game “Fun-Fact” Sheet



  • Project H.A.M.M.E.R. and Disaster: Day of Crisis are both very close to finalization. Nintendo plans to use them as drought fillers. (Makes sense, no one knows if they’ll be a success.)
  • The Virtual Console will be getting some major additions soon, not just Classic Game wise. (All I can say about that.)
  • The Wii-Specific Zelda is currently in the works. It is not currently planned for release within the next two years. It will differ greatly from former Zelda titles. (Zelda fans tend to have mixing reactions toward “new” Zeldas…uh-oh.)
  • Mario Kart, Various Sports are also currently in development. Currently being worked on with online in mind. (Almost sure-fire successes.)
  • No word on StarFox. (I have no idea if this means it’s not even planned or if details aren’t allowed to be discussed.)
  • Even more surprises in terms of new IPs are in store. (We might be able to expect some info at the media summit)
  • Wii Music and Fitness Pack are still set for release this year. (I’m a musician, so I can’t wait to see Wii Music. Fitness…eh.)
  • All going according to plan, Animal Crossing will be released in ’08. (Meh, not a big fan myself.)
  • Kirby is not on hiatus, contrary to some people’s belief. (Huge fan, but no Sakurai may change things quite a bit.)
  • No word on a non-bongo DK yet. (Lame.)
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games has had more man-power put into it since the expectations for the game are becoming greater. (That’s good; I don’t want a bad game that I will end up buying anyway. It is gonna be a piece of VG history after all.)
  • Nintendo is working closely with third parties this time around, to ensure that Wii will not go unsupported. (No-brainer. I’m grateful though.)

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption:

  • Players will not have to re-gain all of their abilities. (Holy Cannoli, apparently this isn’t news but it is to me and it excites me in the pants.)
  • Players will have a corruption mode, similar to hyper mode, that will only be available to use for a limited amount of time. (Think symbiote spidey in SM3.)
  • Players will not have to switch beams, as they combine. (Think 2-D Metroid.)
  • The developers are working closely with Nintendo themselves to include some sort of online functionality. (Don’t get your hopes up, the way the PR worded it it sounded like it was more WiiConnect oriented than Multiplayer)
  • Planned to be released this year, “sooner than most are expecting.” (Oh snap.)

Super Mario Galaxy:

  • SMG is planned to boast some sort of multiplayer functions. (Oh god, whens the last time that happened? SMW? YES PLEASE.)
  • No online functionality is planned to be included. (Well, to be honest, I didn’t really expect any.)
  • Will be released this year. No word on when. (My guess is early/late Q4)

Super Smash Bros. Brawl:

  • Players will be able to choose from multiple control options. Main focus is on GC controller, and Nintendo is currently considering redistribution of them. (Good, I can’t find wavebirds anywhere. I hope this means I can just use the remote and nunchuck, he wouldn’t say.)
  • No motion-sensitive controls in main game. (Does that mean mini-games etc. will?)
  • Game will feature no more than 50 characters. (Gee, thanks a lot. I didn’t know that already </sarcasm>)
  • “Since there’s a huge fan-demand for online play, the game will almost definitely feature it. That’s the plan. We pay a lot more attention to the fans than you would think, and we think it would be pretty dumb to ignore it. What’s funny is if we had never addressed the rumor, people wouldn’t be so expectant of it as they are.” (Thank god, hopefully an end to the “This better be online or I’m not buying it” stuff.)
  • They wouldn’t tell me any new specific characters. (Just thought I’d get that in there.)
  • “Fans will be extremely pleased with the quality and number of characters we’ve brought around, as we made this very much a fan-desire project. There won’t be anymore ‘clones’ (just thought I should mention, he did the finger quote thing, and I literally lol’d) either. There are definitely characters that will be huge surprises too, one of which happens to be my absolute favorite.” (Thanks for the cliffhanger. Wait…so no more clones? What about…)
  • Not all characters will return. The original smash bros. will. (Oh…bye Roy (one of my mains.))
  • Alternate Costumes/Color Schemes will be included. (Hot sauce. I’ll take white Zora Link please.)
  • No comment on third parties. (Damn you.)
  • The game has been made “more balanced”. (Cool. No more tiers? Ummm…idk if I like this yet.)
  • No comment on N64 like intros. (lol)
  • No comment on “advanced techniques”. (I’m mediocre at that stuff anyway, so, I’m neutral on this.)
  • There will be new items, and some have been taken out. (Bob-ombs confirmed, don’t worry.)
  • Super Smash Attacks are not immediately activated, can be reserved. (Well, now that I think about it…duh.)
  • Adventure mode will be much larger, classic mode will be featured. (No word on if chars. Would have individual stories)
  • Will include more game modes, some from N64 will return. (Due to popular demand, apparently.)
  • Events will be included. (I love those things, so to me it’s awesome.)
  • This game is scheduled to release this year. (My guess is Fall.)
  • No comment on shoot the credits.

Again, this is from the Nintendrone…

I, for one, am totally psyched out about this stuff, and can’t wait to see more starting tomorrow…=)


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