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My Top Picks for Brawl Characters

So, which characters do I really want to see in Brawl that haven’t been announced yet?

I’m gonna stick to Nintendo characters, limiting to 2 3rd party folks–Sakurai himself said they wanted to put in another 1-2 3rd party characters besides Solid Snake. Without further ado, here we go, starting with my top choice and working our way down.

1.) Sonic the Hedgehog


Being my 2nd favorite video game hero (behind Mario) the idea of Sonic in not only a good fighting game but my favorite game series ever, fighting alongside Mario (or against him) is a thought that tickles my fancy more than you can imagine. He’d obviously be fast as all get out (probably pretty light, too), and he has a good chunk of abilities to be converted into Smash attacks. I’m really pushing for him to get in, and after this Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games business, if he doesn’t make it into Brawl, I will actually be angry that both companies passed up such a good opportunity.


2.) Krystal

Krystal from Starfox Assault




The perfect compliment to Fox and Falco, and one of the most demanded characters to be added, Krystal could add some spice to the female roster as a sweet Smash Sister. Arm her with her good ol’ staff, blending martial arts staff work with some magic and weaponry mixed in, and she’d be quite a contender and a character all her own. I personally think this one is fairly likely, and I would be greatly pleased. I’ve always liked her as a character (thank you for giving her some clothes in Assault) but haven’t been able to really see her potential abilities, so it would be sweet to see her in the roster.

She’s likely to not look quite as smashing as she does up above due to her Command redesign, but I’m sure she’d still look awesome — Fox’s new design has already rubbed on me. Lastly, give her the Assault uniform at least as an optional outfit but preferably the default as that pink atrocity in Command is hideous! I’ll forgive you if you do, just because I want her in that badly, and I can always change the color…But her Assault outfit is the perfect blend of femininity and sci-fi.

(Bumped her up to 2nd because in recent days she has become the most likely candidate on my list to make it in who hasn’t yet and is thus the only other newcomer who will completely satisfy me if added and disappoint me if not — everyone else on this list would be great, but without Krystal I’d actually be sad, since Smash needs another prominent heroine and Lyndis ain’t it and Midna is doubtful).


3.) Midna


Midna--cute and sassy.



In my opinion, one of the coolest characters Nintendo has spawned in a long while, Midna is adorable but undeniably badass at the same time. With some creative juices, she could be an awesome contender in Brawl. And I don’t mean to spoil anything if you haven’t played Twilight Princess yet, but she could use her alternate form, too, if they deemed it so. She could use some crazy attacks that really bring some creativity into the proceedings.


4.) Lady Lyndis


One of the three leading characters in the first American-released Fire Emblem title, Lady Lyndis is freaking sweet–she uses a katana and a fighting style very different from the other sword-fighters out there, meaning she could kick some can in a different way, focusing more on close-range quick attacks. She’s just a cool character and would be pretty slick and quick.

(Disappointingly, Lyndis was confirmed as an Assist Trophy. I hope the SSBB team manages to make up for this loss of a key heroine with someone else…We need more Smash Sisters!)


5.) Sir Hector


Hector from Fire Emblem

My other favorite Fire Emblem character, Hector is the opposite of Lyndis–slow but strong. He’s a tank, but wouldn’t be quite the same as Bowser. I imagine he’d have decent mobility, but his attacks would be powerful and slow. To counter his quicker mobility, he’d be lighter than Bowser and those heavyweights. He’s got a freakin’ axe, which would mean completely different attacks than the other weapon-wielders.


6.) Megaman


Megaman XOld Skool Megaman


Whether it’s the serious Megaman X or the more light-hearted Megaman of old, Megaman would be the 2nd best choice for a 3rd party character. He’s an action hero who’s been with Nintendo since his genesis and, when matched with Mario, Sonic, and Snake, would add to create a quartet of gaming heroes unmatched in any game thus far. He could have his charged shot and pea shooter, and take a cue from Kirby–only his abilities could be different. If they really strove for it, they could make him an alternate version of Kirby, more or less. But how sweet it would be. We’ll see, Megaman, we’ll see…



7.) Lucario


Lucario, the Legendary Pokemon

[NOTE: Lucario has been CONFIRMED!!]


My Pokemon pic, Lucario is a new Pokemon, and a f5cking sweet one, at that. (YES, I finally edited out the Legendary part. Blame that on the movie he was in.) He uses some cool powers that I imagine would make him a good potential replacement for Mewtwo (if they choose to ditch him) or just a cool Pokemon with a mix of psychic powers and physical strength/speed. Definitely a kick-ass Pokemon whom I’d love to see, Lucario has some potential to get in.



8.) Princess Daisy



Daisy from Mario Strikers


Daisy is a popular Mario character and would make a perfect fit for Brawl–her moveset could be radically different from Peach’s, focusing on her headstrong attitude to deliver sports-themed attacks. She could thwack a tennis racket, rocket a soccer ball, and more. Nintendo was fairly creative with Peach’s moveset, so I’m sure they could pull of Daisy.

(Daisy has essentially been deconfirmed, as she will retain her role as a quasi-alternate outfit for Princess Peach.)


9.) Golden Sun Character:


Jenna from Golden Sun






I don’t mind which one we get (those are the four I prefer), any Golden Sun character would be sweet stuff. Their elemental bending abilities would be really cool to incorporate into Smash moves–Psynergy is some hot stuff. It would throw in a pinch of originality into the moves seen in the game, and would represent one of Nintendo’s more recent and sadly forgotten franchises.

Isaac has been confirmed as an Assist Trophy! 

10.) Diddy Kong/Dixie Kong


The duo of chimps could help replace the Ice Climbers (which seems likely at this point, sadly) and act as a dual-character, using each other as weapons and all manner of crazy business. Another dual-character would be a great addition to the game, and these Kongs would be the perfect fit.

(Diddy Kong has been confirmed as a Newcomer! No Dixie in sight, but he still looks like he’ll be a unique character by himself. As I figured, he’ll be using his Peanut Popgun and Rocket Barrels. Bets are on his Final Smash involving an electric guitar.)

So, which of these characters will actually make the final cut?

We’ll see. I’ll have to come back and edit this post when we know who got in and who didn’t, and see how well my checklist paid off.

As an aside, Olimar was the Pikmin series was confirmed — he would be a character who ALMOST made this list for me, so I’m very happy to see him in.


74 Responses to “My Top Picks for Brawl Characters”

  1. Im not sure about hector or Lyndis getting in it will most likely be Ike or Sigurd and how exactly would you play as midna?

  2. The characters i would love to see appear in Brawl are:

    Super sonic
    Mario (of course)
    Crash Bandicoot
    Donkey Kong
    Diddy Kong
    Goku (From Dragon ball Z)
    Ryu (From street fighter)
    The characters I would like to see go are:

    Mr.Game & Watch
    Young Link

  3. Hey! Well Done Dude!! Your list is actually realistic & detailed. Better then some of the lists I have seen on the internet with people wanting characters like Timmy Turner, Harry Potter & Shrek. Yes Shrek…
    Personally, I’d rather see Diddy on his own then with Dixie.
    I Hate Dixie.
    She should be shot.
    Anyway, his moveset should be based on his breaky dancing stylee with some cool banana & barrel moves as well.
    Tbh, the new characters that I would like/think will be in are:
    Wolf Link- Maybe not as a completely different character, maybe just a B-down move for Link, nevertheless it should be included.
    Midna- Again, maybe just with Wolf Link however I would love to morph into Twilight Midna & possibly have a spider Midna based Smash.
    Isaac- I’ve never actually played Golden Sun but it still seems to be an important Nintendo Franchise, so yeah…
    Bowser Jr. (Shadow Mario)- As in Bowser Jr. that uses some weaker versions of Bowsers moves (clone?) but then!! Oh yes, THEN, he transforms into Shadow Mario & whips out some cool paintbrush based moves.
    Ridley- Because Samus needs a little battling buddy.
    Dark Samus- And incase he gets bored of Ridley, he can have some fun with Dark Samus. I’d just be worried that they would make it as a clone for Samus when it would be so easy not to.
    Krystal- Would it be wrong to say she is pretty sexy, besides being some sort of cat?
    Alex- Simply to raise the baddy numbers.
    Captain Olimar- Would probably have one of the most unique movesets, using his jetpack as a B-up move & throwing Pikmins at peoples. Fun Fun Fun!!:-D
    Chibi:Robo- Hahaha!! If it got in then it would be FREEKIN AWESOME!! Hitting peoples with spoons, zapping them with plugs, CLASSIC!! unfortunately, I don’t think it has much of a chance:-(
    Deoxys- It’s like he was just created to be in Brawl.
    Diddy Kong- Did You Not read My Little Rant!! KILL DIXIE!!
    Wolf- Hopefully wouldn’t be a clone of Fox. Hopefully..
    Wind Waker Link- Why oh why is everyone saying that he would be a copy of Link? Sure, he was in the Melee, but that was only because the only difference between them then was their ages. Has no-one played Wind Waker or Twilight Princess since then? There could be so much potential for an AWESOME movesetfor WW Link that it would be dumb NOT to put him in.
    Vaati- My favourite Nintendo villain EVER!! Period.
    Tom Nook- OK, originally I was completely against the idea of any Animal Crossing character despite the franchises popularity. But looking at Brawl so far, it seems that it is getting a little but too serious & Tom Nook would definitely put the fun into Brawl, chucking fruit, making pits, catching people in nets. Now I would be real upset if he’s not in.
    Tingle- So everyone wants Balloon Fighter. Yes.. that would be fun.. I mean look at all the stuff you could do with him.. Balloon Fighting. Yes. Wooo????!!?!? No. Tingle can use magic & other cool moves while having the balloon moves that all of you want so badly.
    Felix- Yet again, Golden Sun Represents!!
    Lucario- I mean, have you seen the new generation of Pokemon?? They are all so.. soo…. GAY!! But Lucario, ah Lucario yes I like him & I guess he could be used in Brawl to advertise Diamond/Pearl the same way Roy was used in Melee to advertise whatever game he was gonna be in.
    Lyn- Because we need some more females that don’t just throw vegetables, fly umbrellas & flash their knickers. Not mentioning any names…*PEACH*cough
    Hector- Because we need some more females that don’t just throw vegetables, fly umbrellas & flash their knickers. Not mentioning any names…*PEACH*cough
    Ike- Because we need some more females that don’t just throw vegetables, fly umbrellas & flash their knickers. Not mentioning any names…*PEACH*cough
    King K.Rool- I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants a Bowser .v. K.Rool Brawl??
    Birdo- I know, I know. But she also doesn’t have to be a clone. Give Birdo Yoshi’s rubbish old eggy moveset & give Yoshi a brand spanking new moveset, complete with a rainbows, cookies & watermelons. I know what I’m talking about.
    Nergal- Well we have all these Fire Emblem characters so I guess we are in need of a baddy, and this guy is the only one I’ve actually heard of so I guess that must mean he is the best known one.??
    Personally, I was against the whole third-party thing from the start, but since we are gonna have it no matter what, I am liking the Sonic & Megaman.
    Wow!! You actually read all of that, kudos to you!! You should be very proud of yourself *pats on head*
    Go reward yourself & have a cookie.

  4. my dad is not a legendary pokemon he is a person so recheck ur information

  5. Finally someone else who believes in the blue bomber!
    Anyone who’s ever seen Captain N knows what kind of a combo Mega Man and Kid Icarus(Pit) could be. What better chance to finally put them side by side then in brawl? We just can’t have Pit without Mega Man, their inceptions are so close. Plus even though Mega Man is technically Capcom, when you think of classic Nintendo, who comes right after Mario? Well in my opinion it’s Mega Man! The other thing being there has never been a serious 3D rendition of Mega Man, and putting the Brawl artists together to come up with the model and high quality texture for Mega Man just sends shivers down my spine. Mega Man has my vote and push all the way!

  6. Diddy Kong made it in! he’s a playable character now.

    A few things i have to point out. Lucario isnt a legendary. just because he was featured in a movie doesn’t make him legendary.

    I love the Sonic, megaman, krystal, midna and lucario choices. i’m just waiting to go to and see Warning! NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHING!, and then see my favorite hedgehog be that new challenger. but i would also majorly like to see people like:
    Shadow, captain olimar, miis, waluigi, and some other classic nintendo characters other than Pit.

    and to Harraaayy!, Deoxys is a pokeball summon.

  7. i agree with the daisy thing shes always been my favorite character some people thinks shes a peach clone but there so wrong i cant wait for her to be playable and announced on dojo

  8. i want these characters
    #1 lucario and yes he is a legendary
    2 bowser j.r
    3 midna
    4 krystal
    5 waluigi
    6 captain olimar and his pikmin
    7 sonic
    8 tingle
    and thats it 🙂

  9. Great choice of characters, better than some. I like that you choose Fire Emblem and Golden Sun. I would like to see either the Black Knight or Issac, maybe Eliwood and Felix too. Tingle would outdo Balloon Fighter, which is probalbly going to be like good old Game ‘n Watch, funny, but terrible!

  10. ice climbers are confirmed!!! Looks like diddy and dixie won’t replace them.

  11. Well people talk alot. Since soo many people mention Sonic as their first pic why not introduce some other Service game characters. Any way here be my pics to enter.

    1.Sonic the hedgehog… hey they already have him in 2008 olimpics why not add him to the smash arsenal.He may be fast but he sinks like a rock so he must have some wieght to him after all. what about this for a final brawl attack Super Sonic chaos control.

    2.Arthur from Shining Force: being the number 2 best selling RPG series why not have the rivals to fire emblem join the fight?

    3.Adam from Shining Force: hey we need some robots that you can play in here.

    4. Vectorman: A character that looks alot like samus but has another set of technikes

    5. the rest of the sonic gang exept amy rose. she is just a pathectic excuse for a heroine.
    You instantly lose points because Amy Rose may not be a hero, but she’s a good character in her own right — Sega’s just retarded and doesn’t know what to do with her these days, as they don’t know what to do with anyone. ~ D_S

    6. i concur with the choice to include Lyndis as a playable character.
    Too bad she isn’t one. ~ D_S

    7. Ridley: yes a playable dragon who seems to revive himself after countless metroid games.


  13. I think wolf link would be awsome, and midna could just be w/him also i really like the suggestion for lucario.

    P.S.- lucario is not a legendary, look it up.

  14. Lucas from Mother 3 has been confirmed

    Yes, I’m very aware of that, I just don’t really care all that much. =P
    ~ D_S

  15. I think golden sun characters would be awesome and sonic is one of my all time favourite gaming characters

  16. My Character Roster:
    Midna (Replacing Zelda)
    Ganondorf (No Captain Falcon though, They have the same move structure!)
    Princess Daisy
    Mario/Luigi (Dual Team)
    Wario/Waluigi (Dual Team)
    Kid Icarus
    Krystal (Replacing Falco)
    Samus Aran (With an alternative form for her suit version, do we really need two Samus Aran’s in the game?)

  17. My Character list would be:

    1 Cloud Stife
    2 Sonic
    3 Halo Fighter
    4 Sora from Kingdom Hearts
    5 Inyusha

  18. Nobody will defeat me once I get the game

  19. OHHHHHHH and + most of the characters you said are in the game but some are asist trophies

  20. Sonic: I like sonic and agree that he would be a good player. Plus with all the old rumors of him and Tails being in Melee, theres probobly a good chance that He will be in this one.
    Midna: Shes definatly would be a good character, and I’d like to see her be in Super Smash bros Brawl.
    Lady Lindys: It’s dissapointing that shes an Assist trophy, I think she’d be great as a playable character.
    Sir Hector: Never heard of him, but he seems like some one who may just make it. I hope to see Roy, and Marth in Brawl though. Ike from Fire Emblem will be there though.
    Megaman: I really don’t like Megaman, but maybe he would be a good character, I don’t know.
    Krystal: I’ve never heard of her, but fox does need a good counterpart, I’d definatly play her if she was put in.
    Lucario: I was actually thinking Lucario would be put in just the other day. I can see Lucario being put in pretty easily, possibly a replacement for Mewtwo if they decide to get rid of Mewtwo. And NO Lucario is NOT a legendary, just a rare pokemon.
    Princess Daisy: I’d like to see her in Brawl, but I doubt she would be put in because you can change peaches colors to make her look like daisy, dumb, but yeah.
    Golden Sun Characters: Never heard of the game, so I cannot comment here.
    Diddy Kong: I like Diddy kong quite a bit, Iunfortunatly his Final Smash move is not the guitar *crys* I wish it were though…

  21. These are the characters that should be in brawl. Im a big Zelda fan so there are gonna be a lot of zelda characters.

    Wolf Link+Midna (they are the badassest twilight team around)
    Zant (he’s crazy badass)
    Beast Ganon (he’s rabid)
    Zelda with Sword (awesome hottie with blade = pwnage!)
    King Bulblin (he carries a giant axe! do i have to say more?)
    Vaati (from Minish Cap; Four Swords form could be transformation?)
    Dark Link (probably a shadowy, dark attacking link clone but still…)NON ZELDA CHARACTERS
    Sonic (hopefully)
    Shadow (yep)
    Knuckles (no…not Tails)
    Krystal (hottie cat with a gatling gun: awesome)
    Wolf (fox clone maybe?)
    Riku (better than Sora)
    Sephiroth (yeah!!!!!)
    Auron (the one from FFX not KH2…)
    Luneth, Arc, Refia and Ingus (from FF3 for DS)
    Deoxys (rumors are going around as well)
    Lucario (he would be great)
    Blaziken (i just like blaziken)
    Megaman (from BNetwork)
    Colonel (from BNetwork)
    Bass (from BNetwork)
    Nights (from Sega)
    Goku (from DBZ)
    Naruto (from Naruto)
    Ichigo (from Bleach)

    I know…the anime guys are a bit much, but Naruto has a game for the wii as well as Goku, and most of the characters up there are from game for various Nintendo Systems (except for Sephiroth, Auron, Nights, Sora and Riku) Bleach is going to have a game made for Wii or DS i think…

    But this is an awesome roster!! They need to take out Regular Zelda, Ice Climbers, this Lucas kid, and Pikachu.

  22. Why, oh WHY, has noone mentioned Skull Kid from the Legend of Zelda? Specifically the Majora’s Mask version?

    Imagine his insane moveset. When he has Majora’s Mask on, I imagine he would have all kinds of magical attacks, flight based jumps to surpass Kirby’s, etc.

    Then, when he takes the mask off, he would use melee based attacks and uses his flute and shooter a lot. He would be very fast and evasive, less about offense, and more about getting in, hurting them, and getting out as fast as he can.

    And finally, his Final Smash would, of course, involve him pulling down the moon, and the attack would be ended by the Four Giants.

  23. These are the unconfirmed characters that i think would be cool in brawl.
    I’m only listing ones that actually have somewhat of a chance.

    Knuckles, Tails, or Shadow
    Roy, and Marth
    Mr. Game and Watch
    Megaman ( Maybe one of the 3rd party characters)
    Kristal, and Falco
    James Bond( Doubt it but still)
    Pacman (” “)
    Koopa Troopa
    Banjo and Kazooie
    Conker( Conker’s Bad Fur Day)

    I Don’t know who else, but lots more would be good.


  25. how bout some characters from final fantasy?

  26. That’s a solid top ten. One of the best wish lists I’ve seen. I honestly would not be disappointed to see all those characters. (although Lyndis is now out of the running).

    These are some I still need to see revealed:
    1.Megaman (normal version….but X would be ok.)- I hope we still have at least one non-nintendo character left. I hope it’s Megaman.
    2.Dark Samus- Like was stated earlier, there is no need for her to be a clone at all.
    3.Midna- Totally agree with you, cool character. Upon playing Twilight Princess I thought she would be great in SSB.
    4.Krystal- I just feel it’s going to happen….and I’m fine with that.
    5.Whoever from Golden Sun- I played it a long time ago, it would be pretty cool to see someone in the game. On that same note, why not someone from Dragon Warrior?
    6.Captain Falcon and a friend- I’m not worried about this not happening.
    Others I would like to see:
    7.Gardevoir- Or the male version, I forget the name. My favorite Pokemon.
    8.Pokemon trainer girl- With the starting three from Ruby/Sapphire. Sounds a lot like a clone, but doesn’t have to be.
    9.Captain Olimar and his Pikmin
    10.Ridley- So I’m a big fan of Metroid. Ridley would be great, but if it came down to it, I would rather see Dark Samus.

    Yesterday nintendo disappointed me for the second time (first time was when they pushed the release back to Feb.) with SSBB by anouncing King Dedede. What a fag. Even after seeing his moves I still think he’s going to be a lame fighter. It may just be me but I don’t care for the Kirby franchise and Kirby and Metaknight were all I needed. Never the less I cann’t wait to see the final roster.

  27. The greatest add ons would definetly be, Krystal, Knuckles, Ridley, lloyd Irving, and of course Lickitung.

  28. LUCARIOO FOR BRAWL!!!b>dark aura ,up b : sky uppercut or extrem speed ,down b: counter,normal b: aura sphere ,normal attaks punches, kicks ,tail whips smash attaks:with a aura punch like mewto ,he could be more lite fast,a cross like mewto-marth

  29. i will kill myself if sakurai dosent put him

  30. I want anyone to be in, but of all the characters, I hope klonoa is in the most…
    By spookers

  31. um…lucario is fighting steel, not psychic. Also, he isn’t legendary. He IS an awesome pokemon, and I’d love to see him in brawl (if they did him right, he looks retarded in battle revolution).


  33. Yeah I think that Lyn should be put in even though she isnt and WHY ARE THERE SO FEW FIRE EMBLEM CHARACTERS??? They should have Titania or Seth or Jaffar or someone who’s strong but not so important. I wish they had done a better Link, like from Wind Waker. That’d be cool. Tom Nook? TOTALLY! Chibi Robo? YES! Who else… Ah well…
    Lucario isn’t a legendary? Really? Hm.
    What’s with the new Samus? She looks funny I liked the old one better.
    There should be more evil poeple; whoever said Nergal is right. that’d be awesome!! Skull Kid idea was good. They should do something like… eh…. Well… Nevermind. Why does Zelda have brown hair? I find that really weird. AND WHY DO ALL THE HUMANS HAVE BLUE EYES??? It’s not fair!
    Pit I’ve never heard of but he seems cool… Ike? IKE? WHY OF ALL PEOPLE CHOOSE IKE??? WHY NOT LYN!!?? Or Eirika?? Actually not Eirika I hated her…Hey, Ephraim would be cool… Eh. Well thats all….. But IKE???? COME ON!!!!!! (sorry to all you Ike fans out there. He’s not my favorite; I think Lyn would’ve been better.)

  34. but…what about Geno from SMRPG??? he NEEDS to be in brawl!!!! NEEDS TO BE!!!!

  35. the new chars i want are mostly fire emblem, but there are others too:

    mia; fire emblem path of radiance
    lady lyndis; fire emblem
    sir eliwood; fire emblem
    stefan; fire emblem path of radiance
    dark samus; metroid primes 2-3
    zihark; fire emblem path of radiance
    any laguz chars from fire emblem path of radiance and radiant dawn
    sothe; fire emblem radiant dawn
    micaiah; fire emblem radiant dawn
    jill; fire emblem path of radiance and radiant dawn

  36. ok no offense to any sonic fans out there but i would be very disappointed if there were any sonic characters in there. that would absolutely ruin the game.

  37. Someone totally missed the memo, eh? =P

  38. is scullkid er niet?
    das balen
    echt on eerlijk
    ik ben wel fan van zelda maar Scull kid is een van me lievelings
    van Zelda Majora’s Mask.

  39. Hector and Ike are men not women!
    I thank dk whould be cool to have in brawl and from what my
    friend said ike is going to be in the game!

  40. a few comments, numbered randomly as I thought of them.
    1. Felix from Golden Sun would be the best. Think of the possible moves: Meggido could be his up-B, Ragnarok could be a smash attack, and he’s still got quake, gaia, and spire in his elemental arsenal as well as cure/revive that could be incorporated somehow. And we haven’t even covered djinni! Iris would make a wicked Final Smash (nevermind the fact that it would be impossible for Felix to summon it on his own). A downside could be that he’s weaker after the summon, which was true in the original game. Yes, I have put a great deal of thought into this one.
    2. Wolf O’Donnel would be amazing, Krystal would be okay, Falco needs to be replaced by one or both of these characters.
    3. Midna: f’ing sweet. Forget wolf Link, she can stand on her own.
    4. Anyone who thinks Zelda/Shiek should die deserves the same fate
    5. No comments for or against Cpt. Falcon. Anyone remember him?
    6. Lucario would be an awesome replacement for Mewtwo, whether or not he’s legendary doesn’t matter.

  41. I just hate it when peoples posts dont make since, (some of you are commenting without reading the page above) Xb but whatever it doesn’t matter. oh yeah sorry to crush you hopes, but no sony (that means crash bandikute, or however you say that) or square characters will never ever, i repeat, ever be in a smash. and thats not just my opinion, the leader of square, told people in a magazine interview, that we will never ever see his beloved characters on a nintendo system! *cough* ff IIX for DS*cough* but for those of you who like the kingdom hearts games, sora is still fair game on account that he is disney (third party) and not square. though he is not likely because *pionts finger* disney hates fighting games, i would be happy if he is in.

  42. FF IIX?
    I think you meant XII.

    And when you say “his beloved characters” which ones are you talking about?

    Kingdom Hearts hit the GBA and is hitting the DS.
    FF1, 3, 4, and 6 have all been redesigned or ported to a more recent Nintendo platform, too.

    Or are we talking the later games?
    Because as a matter of fact, there was a DS game which starred Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest characters all mixed into a Mario Party-like setting that was released in Japan at some point. It was a sequel to the PS2 game. Itadaki Street, I believe? If I’m wrong, please correct me.

    Even some FF characters got into that Mario Basketball game, for crying out loud. A Square character is not out of the question — I don’t personally think it will HAPPEN, but it’s not out of the question.

  43. Gannondorf needs a comeback with his own move set and a Twilight Princess theme.

  44. Back again, this time with a complete moveset for Felix.(all move animations will look similar to the game Golden Sun, with Odyssey rotated 90 degrees into a vertical attack,)

    A medium-heavy character; not too slow, and packs a decent punch (about same weight as Samus from Melee)

    Basic Attacks:
    Same as most other sword-wielding characters

    Smash Attacks:
    Side (→+A): Echo (strike in direction of attack, enemy hit again by djinn)
    Down (↓+A): Quake (Characters immediately on either side of Felix are launched into the air)
    Up (↑+A): Odyssey (two small swords appear, pointing up and to either side, followed by a giant sword pointing straight up)

    Special moves:
    Standard [non-storable charge attack] (B): Gaia (stones fly up from the ground around Felix; longer charged, more and larger stones)
    Side (→+B): Spire (points of stone fall in the direction of the attack, I think this would be cool in a wave of three points)
    Down (↓+B): Summon Venus (rises up slightly as images of a Venus djinn appear and stike the ground)
    Up (↑+B): Megiddo (rises up w/ sword glowing, crashes down in a beautifully destructive fireball)

    Protection Moves:
    Dodge (→+R): Retreat (disappears, reappears in a flurry of multicolored dots in the direction of the dodge)
    Sidestep (↓+R): Sand (disappears into the ground by becoming sand, reappears in the same spot)
    Grab [tether] (R+A): Catch (large hand appears and grab at closest enemy with a limited range) OR Growth, which would use a vine like Link’s clawshot.

    Final Smash:
    Iris, Charon, or Judgment, listed in order of preference.

  45. Definately would like to see more Fire Emblem characters. I’m really hurt that my favorite two characters from the last game, Marth and Roy, have yet to make appearences. Ike does seem promising, and additions of new characters from the American games may seem well suited. Maybe even Miciah from the new game, Radiant Dawn. She could hav a Princess Zelda style of fighting with her magic.

  46. Ralph,you need to go make your own game or something,SSB is a nintendo game that uses nintendo characters with an exception of 1 or 2 highly requested by fans. I mean,wtf Goku? He has his own game,same with Ryu. Nintendo doesn’t own the rights to Sonic so why would they put in Sonic knuckles Tails and Supersonic…why the hell would they put sonic and supersonic. The characters you wanted to go were primary characters since the start so they definitely will always be in the smash bros series besides the copy cats like pichu,young link,etc.

  47. Mario still has a Wario costume, and Wariop has his original outfit.
    This means Daisy would still have a chance were it not for the 35 character roster. She makes other appearances though.

  48. hey im tails6000 obsessed with bralw and lots of things i would love to play as sonic in brawl and ice climbers are in so just diddy no dixey kong

  49. scipio i heard that i like sonic but there is only him and super snic is the final smash so dont say bad things about sonic because hes my fav sega character

  50. um… daisy and roy would be awsome for super smash bros. brawl. daisy would kick peachs ASS any day. ( she could be preetier than peach if the nentindo people didnt make her hips and cheeks so FAT!!!)

  51. hey, im totally obsessed with Naruto, Twilight princess and FF10. my top 10 would be
    1. minda(1st and 2nd form) link
    3.auron from FF10
    4.wakka from FF10(he’s got that awesome blitz ball) of the aeons from FF10(preferably shiva)
    6.Jiraiya(he could summon a big frog or something)
    7.Tidus FF10 (hes got that awesome sword)
    8.Garra from naruto(i mean come on the guys got a gourd full o sand)
    9.a goron from twilight princess
    10.And i mean you GOTTA have mario, that would defeat the purpose.
    but if it were up to me the #10 would be deyoxys or lucario. HEY y not have both?!

  52. if anyone wants to play me when it comes out leave your wii number, ( I don’t feel like moving now to get mine) by the way ganondorfs final smash is turning into ganon. also sonic will be in the game. So will Lucario ( It already came out in Japan!)

  53. Wat about Roy??? Rumor has it that Ike replaces him? and Hector would be a beast character to include becasue he uses and axe and maybe another good charcter form fire emblem might be The King of Gallia or Skrimir

  54. I’m a big fan of fire emblem, and I can’t help but wonder why we’ve only got sword-wielders representing the franchise? Where’s the freaking mages? Seriously, I think we need a good mage character in this game (Zelda kinda sucks IMHO). If I could pick one character to add to the roster it would be Soren from Fire Emblem Path of Radiance or Radiant Dawn.

  55. One more day! Tomorrow me and my friend are going to gamestop at midnight and getting it, then playing it. PIT WILL BE MY MAIN CHARACTER! he looks sweet. but i also want to try snake, sonic, ike, and king dedede.

  56. Well i have to agree about the mage thing but now that the game has come out we are just going to have to see how it is and was it worth all the hype

  57. What do you have against Princess Peach? She is extremely powerful! She is awesome and funny! Jeez! Zelda is the dumb one.

  58. Who are we talking to?
    I love Peach, she’s awesome.
    I just love Zelda more.
    Nothin’ wrong with that.

  59. Yo! that was a pretty good review. Although I disagree with putting snake in brawl because 1) he has nothing to do with nintendo(neither does sonic though but he is major BA) and 2) he sucks balls! I’ve played as him and……he just sets mines and shoots grenade launchers…..oooh fun!

    fighters i like:
    toon link
    pokemon trainer
    caotain falcon
    peach is ok

    Fighters i don’t like
    ganondorf(hate his guts)
    snake(hate his guts too)

    and everyone else is ok….

    but overall the game is pretty good

  60. I think that it would be FREAKIN’ SWEET if eventually, new characters, minigames, stages, and costumes would be available for downloading. I mean, think about it, pay a few WiiPoints, and BAM! You now can play as Shadow the Hedgehog, or Midna, or Deoxys.
    Speaking of, those guys (plus a few more) would be amazing. Midna could swap between her two forms (the “human” form would be similar to Zelda, and the “imp” form would ride a wolf, like the one that teaches Link all the sword moves) and she could use the twilit artifacts as weapons. Deoxys could swap between his forms (Defense, Normal, Attack, and Speed). Shadow could use Chaos Control as a weapon.
    Some other character ideas include Skull Kid (with Majora’s Mask of Course!), Zant, Mikau (the Zora), Darmani (he could wield the Biggoron’s Sword and the Megaton Hammer), Kishin (Fierce Diety Link for those who don’t know…), Silver the Hedgehog, Espio the Chameleon, a Rifle Grunt from Battalion Wars (his Super Smash could be an Airstrike), and pretty much any other conceivable character.

  61. Skull Kid would be a beastly character!

    Spencer is right, he would be amazing. He should look like the Majora’s Mask version, but with the Twilight Princess flute and lantern. His abilities could include flight, insane magic, summoning those annoying Marionettes from Twilight Princess. He could also shoot things with his flute (which would also be a blowgun). That would be amazing.

    But what would his secondary costumes look like?

    Oh yeah, and wouldn’t it be cool if new characters for Brawl would be downloadable (via Internet and WiiPoints)? That would be amazing!

  62. Me, i’d love to see:

    – Midna – totally cool!!!
    – Golden Sun characters!!!!!

  63. well, the best warrior for Super Smash Bros is megaman but not megaman originally, the best is megaman X,
    Imagine: Megaman X meet the Super Smash bros, and finaly take a super battle, it’s will be cool.

    Megaman X for Brawl, Megaman X for Brawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. who ever says that ganandorf stinks will die because i like him.

  65. I hope Daisy is in brawl 2!!!!

  66. Midna is my most wanted character that should have been in SSBB. Her B move would be this blue power up thing that she used to free Wolf Link when he was locked up in a prison cell. Her B right move would be that invisible field that brings enemies closer to you. Her B up move would be that lifting force that she uses to lift big objects for various uses. Her B down move would be the red field that she uses to slay multiple enemies at once by loading it up, and it sends her automatically to an enemy in its range. In her special move she would turn into that 6 legged thing that she turns into on the final level of Twilight Princess. She could have that red hand for a grabbing move that she first used to pull Link into the Twilight Realm and she could turn out of her imp form if she beats Ganandorf in a battle. If the character only included Midna and not with Wolf Link then the game would have to allow short timed gravity-absent flying because she does sort of fly around with her magical powers. The fact that they didn’t put Midna into Super Smash Bros Brawl with the most previous Legend of Zelda title is probably because of this flying ability and how hard it would be to make this character move. They said it was “The brawl to end them all” but maybe they will make another 2 SSB and put Midna into it. Super Smash Bros Clash? Super Smash Bros Fray?

  67. I say they stick in a Marvel character. Hulk or Spider-man at least. And Iron Man would kick ass with Samus!

  68. Who I wanted to be in BRAWL but they didn’t:

    1. Ash Ketchum-He could have all his Poke’mon and every time you update the wii if he got another poke’mon on the show you would be able to use it to. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! (Poke’mon)

    2. Pac-Man-He could eat everybody up. (Pac-Man)

    3. Blink, Inky, Pinky, & Clyde-They could swith places, but all be shown at one time like the Ice Climbers. (Pac-Man)

    4. Kapp’n-He could run you over! Haha! (Animal Crossing)

    5. Hero- He could use his watch to fight. (Custom Robo)

    6. Dixie Kong-Hair Swing. (Donkey Kong)

    7. Candy Kong- She could hyptontize Donkey Kong. (Donkey Kong)

    8. Lyn-She’s awesome! (Fire Emblem)

    PS: I want Roy back!

    9. May, Misty,Max, Brock, & Tracey-One could ditract Ash, while the others attack him. (Poke’mon)

    10. Knuckle Joe-YEAH! (Kirby)

    11. Baby Mario, Luigig, Donkey Kong, & Peach-They would be teamed up together, again like the Ice Climbers. (YoshiWorld:DS)

    12. Mii-You could choose a Mii from your Mii Plaza to fight with. (Nintendo)

    13. Team Rocket: Jessie, James, & Meowth- Blasts off at the speed of light. (Poke’mon)

    14.Krystal- Yeah! (Starfox)

    15. Nintendog-Bark Mode Baby! (Nintendogs)

    16. Naruto-Sexy Jutsu (Naruto)

    17. Sakura-Pink hair is awesome. (Naruto)

    18.Sausk’e-Yeah! (Naruto)

    19. M&M’s-Chocolatey (M&Ms Racing)

    20. Crash-Go Orange (Crash)

    I’ll have more just wait for my nickname: djulienr

  69. hey i reallllllllllllyyyy love princess peach daisy and rosalina i adore them alooooot

  70. Okay. I was disappointed that Diddy got in. I don’t like him at all. Ike though is awsome. Marth is too. It would help if Ike got a long range attack for his sword, the legendary sword ragnelle. For Fire Emblem fans, a new, but remake of the very first fire emblem, that was only released in Japan, is coming out soon. IT FEATURES MARTH FOR HIS UNITED STATES DEBUTE, AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish the Ice Climbers would just leave though. They suck, majorly. They could speed up Ganondorf and Bowser too. They could’ve added Sora from Kingdom Hearts, they did and will release the Kingdom Hearts games for the GameBoy and DS so he would fit the bill.

  71. totally midna or megaman. hulk would be cool i agree, except his big move, his final smash would level the playing field. meaning an assured victory every time. if the ice climbers aren’t going to be in the next, game then maybe tails or knuckles. i don’t know any of the new nintendo characters, so i know i would like to see, a character that dose not use some sort of bat. there should have been daisy not yoshi. she could have been a much better chose. oh yeah and any final fantasy characters would not work, their from sony’s play station line. who else would like to see daisy kick wario?

  72. you have the reason, xD

  73. I think Shadow should have been in it as a playble charector
    For his b button attack it would be Chaos spear
    he could use rocket boots for his jumps
    His final smash could Be chaos blast OR the eclipse Cannon

  74. it would b so cold f Megaman Zero or Protoman was in it 2.and i would think they would had putted Knuckles in it 2 becouse he was on Genisis 2 so they kinda watered it down even though they did make up 4 sum with the Assist trophies but they didnt get the gist of what they could had done;p

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